Hagadone Marine Center <small>546 Yards of Concrete</small>

Hagadone Marine Center 546 Yards of Concrete

This concrete slab was built to accommodate traffic and parking at the new boat maintenance center for the Hagadone Marine Group. Concrete was specially chosen as an alternative to asphalt due to its ability to withstand heavy traffic, sharp turns, sudden stops and warm temperatures. The concrete mix was specifically designed to suit the demands of the project. Exposure to extreme temperatures and freeze-thaw cycles necessitated the use of air entrainment admixtures, which provide for expansion of hardened cement paste in order to prevent cracking and enhance durability. After analyzing the temperature and wind conditions on the day of the pour, we used a water reducing admixture, which allowed us to maintain workability of the mixture to prevent the effects of shrinkage cracking. Maintaining workability of the concrete mixture and providing fast-paced delivery was particularly important due to the large scale of the project and the hot and breezy conditions with the potential to bring on premature setting/hardening of concrete. The final grade for pavement was designed to promote drainage requiring special attention during finishing operations. A laser screed alongside various hand tools were employed to achieve the required flatness and slope of the pavement.